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Funshine Curriculum

Babys playing together in the kindergarten.

6 Weeks - 11 Months


We have two groups for this program 

6 Weeks – 11 Months
12 Months – 17 Months​

The Preschool Express infant program is designed to support and encourage the amazing growth that happens within a baby’s first year. A healthy balance of social, emotional, and physical learning experiences are all provided with each baby’s individual development in mind. Dedicated early childhood educators care for the children in a safe, cozy, and comfortable environment that feels much more like home than a classroom. Having this small setting allows babies to form strong attachments to their caregivers.

Your baby will be welcomed into our beautifully equipped and secure nursery by loving and nurturing teachers. The strong bond between your baby and teachers will flourish as he or she continues to learn and grow.

Infants will enjoy calm and soothing interactions in a language-rich environment with their teachers enabling them to feel secure as they play, discover, and explore. Along with this strong relationship, exploration and play will support babies to reach developmental milestones. Teachers thoughtfully plan activities to support children during this critical time of rapid brain development. The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, including a child’s relationships, experiences, and environment.

To further support busy families, formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, organic baby food, and bedding are included as part of your enrollment in our infant program.


12 Months - 17 Months


18 Months - 23 Months​


We have two groups for this program 

18 Months – 23 Months​​
2 Years Old

Our Preschool Express toddler program respects each child’s emerging sense of self and growing need for independence. Designed to continue the important concepts learned in our infant program, our toddler program nurtures your child’s next steps forward, encouraging social and intellectual growth and development.

Designed to be warm and engaging, our toddler rooms provide a language-rich, home-like environment with areas for children to be curious, energetic, and eager learners. Art, sensory, blocks, language, manipulatives, and dramatic play areas are all richly enhanced with unique and beautiful loose parts materials, encouraging open-ended play. Endless opportunities are provided, as toddlers explore the world around them.

Through thoughtful observation, our teachers intentionally plan activities to support children to move to the next developmental level. Activities are integrated across all domains of toddler development: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. These experiences foster self-awareness, develop self-esteem, and transform everyday routines into playful and meaningful learning moments.

Mother and child play on the floor in the nursery. Mom and little baby boy are doing with plastic colorful toys. Family having fun together. Educational classes kids with parents at home. toddler.

2 Years Old


3 - 5 Years Old


We have two groups for this program 

3 – 5 years old

The Preschool Express pre-kindergarten program has been proven to help children confidently enter kindergarten. During this time, friendships are solidified, kindergarten-readiness skills are mastered, and accomplishments are celebrated. Our graduates enter school thoroughly prepared, excited about learning, and eager to participate. The benefits of the PELA community have a long lasting impact as children leave for elementary school confident, full of character, and eager for what lies ahead

Our thoughtful and enticing classrooms are designed to fully prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Our pre-kindergarten classrooms provide areas for children to become lifelong learners and master the skills for overall success academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Art, sensory, blocks, language, manipulatives, science, math, technology, engineering, and dramatic play areas provide endless opportunities for pre-kindergartners to grow to their fullest potential.

Our teachers provide an emergent approach to educational activities throughout the day to encourage each child’s sense of discovery, using theme-based lessons and a project approach, allowing children to explore areas of interest in detail. Through ongoing observation and assessment, our teachers intentionally plan lessons and activities based on the interests of the children. Together, through shared experiences and in-depth exploration of themes, children and teachers develop a deeper understanding of the topics that they are investigating. Activities are integrated across all domains of development: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. These experiences foster self-awareness, friendships, and a sense of community.

The pre-kindergarten program culminates with a cap-and-gown graduation ceremony to celebrate school-readiness achievements.


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